An appeal is a request to a higher court to review a potential error by a lower court. Most appeals occur after a trial court has entered either a summary judgment before trial or a judgment after a full trial. There are some instances, however, in which a party can seek review of trial court errors on an interlocutory or emergency basis before the end of a case in the trial court.

Requirements for appeals are technical and frequently rule-driven. Furthermore, the appellant must show that the appellant preserved the right to complain of the trial court's error on appeal by making appropriate objections in the trial court. The appellant generally must also show that the error probably caused the rendition of an improper judgment.

Experience with appeals helps trial lawyers make the best decisions in the trial courts. The Firm's appellate experience completes the skill set necessary for our attorneys to obtain the best results at trial and on appeal.

Snow & Green LLP's attorneys have considerable experience that includes cases on appeal from state district courts, federal district courts, and federal bankruptcy courts. Our attorneys have prepared appellate briefs and given oral arguments for both appellees and appellants in state and federal courts. In addition to regular appeals, our attorneys have handled mandamus actions, emergency stay motions, and various other appellate motions.