Contract/Breach of Warranty Litigation

Contracts play an important role in many business relationships. Contracts define the scope of the relationship and identify the parties' duties and obligations to each other. Contracts can be formal written agreements made after significant time is spent bargaining and preparing, and other times, they can be more informal agreements made during a conversation. Regardless, they are bargained-for promises, and if these duties or obligations are not performed, they can cause substantial problems for a business.

Contracts often contain representations and assurances about the quality of the goods and services to be provided. These are often referred to as warranties. Because these promises can be very important in the selection of whom one conducts business with, warranties become essential terms of the contract. There are also many warranties implied in law whether or not stated in the contract.

Snow & Green LLP's attorneys are experienced litigators who regularly handle contract and warranty litigation. Our depth of experience allows us to mount aggressive and effective cases specifically tailored to our clients' unique and varying circumstances to make sure our clients' bargained-for rights under a contract are protected.