Business Torts

Business torts are intentional acts which are committed against an organization to unfairly obtain an economic interest or business relationship. Business torts include such things as fraudulent misrepresentations that coerce a business to enter into a contract that the business would not have otherwise agreed to, a former employee improperly taking a business's trade secrets, an officer or director breaching his fiduciary duty to the business, intentionally interfering with a business's contractual relationships, and a competitor using improper methods in an attempt to force competitors out of the marketplace. These activities can damage important business relationships and significantly harm a business's economic interests.

Snow & Green LLP routinely handles matters concerning fraudulent misrepresentations, fraudulent transfers, fiduciary duties, contract interference, unfair competition, trade secret misappropriation, business disparagement, and other intentional torts in business relationships. Our experience and knowledge with these matters allows us to build effective cases for our clients and assist our clients in maintaining competitive businesses.