Business Transactions

Snow & Green LLP routinely assists clients in the negotiation and documentation of complex commercial transactions.  Our attorneys have experience guiding such transactions from start to successful conclusion in various sectors, including oil and gas, construction, retail, steel, defense, and data analysis.  Consequently, our attorneys are frequently called upon in the due diligence, drafting, and consummation of transactions such as the following:

  • stock purchase and sale agreements;
  • asset purchase and sale agreements;
  • master service agreements
  • master supply agreements;
  • employment agreements;
  • executive retention agreements;
  • confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements;
  • non-circumvention agreements;
  • severance agreements;
  • company formation documents such as articles of incorporation, LLC agreements, partnership agreements, mergers, and by-laws;
  • security agreements and deeds of trust;
  • guaranty agreements;
  • non-compete agreements;
  • loan agreements;
  • credit agreements; and
  • shareholder agreements