Snow & Green LLP’s attorneys possess considerable experience in all facets of commercial construction, including land acquisition and development, company formation, environmental litigation, negotiating, drafting, and enforcing contracts, filing and enforcing contractor and subcontractor liens, insurance and bond issues, construction financing, and construction litigation.  Our attorneys have the acumen, experience, and flexibility to work within the tight timelines and profit margins of the commercial construction industry.  We are committed to protecting our clients’ interests in every step of the project.  Contact Snow & Green LLP for all of your construction needs, including:

  • drafting and enforcement of contractor and subcontractor agreements;
  • filing and enforcement of contractor and subcontractor liens on construction projects;
  • drafting and enforcement of escrow agreements;
  • land acquisition and development for commercial construction;
  • securing, negotiating, and drafting construction finance agreements;
  • insurance and bond issues in the commercial construction context;
  • formation of construction companies;
  • guidance and litigation involving environmental regulations;
  • collecting debts for work on construction projects;
  • litigation regarding construction delays and defects;
  • disputes regarding OSHA compliance, workplace safety, and workplace injury;
  • drafting and enforcing master service agreements and master supply agreements